Why СӰԺ?

Over the last century, the СӰԺ has become a four-year public institution offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. It is one of the best and most affordable options for higher education in the South. СӰԺ offers over 150 degrees and certificates, spanning from certificate to doctorate.

Regardless of your interests, СӰԺ offers programs and extracurricular activities to pursue your passions. Do you enjoy browsing a great art exhibit? The is an education art museum for students, faculty, and staff, featuring local, national and international touring exhibitions. Maybe you prefer to listen to a world-class music performance? is a state-of-the-art performance hall bringing renowned dance troupes, plays, and musicians to campus.

СӰԺ housing is top rate, offering six residence halls and five apartment complexes. СӰԺ also has 5 residential colleges that are co-education living and learning communities that provide opportunities to connect to every aspect of student life. Residential college students are enrolled in the same cluster of classes to promote collaborative learning and have the added bonus of living side-by-side with СӰԺ faculty and older mentoring students.

Do you enjoy being physically active or participating in sporting events? The new HPER center located on campus features basketball courts, volleyball, badminton, an indoor track, exercise class studio, and a fitness center complete with a full slate of cardio and strength-training equipment. For the competitive type, our intramural sports give every СӰԺ student a chance to participate in a competitive sports activity. In fact, sports play a HUGE role in the СӰԺ experience! The СӰԺ proudly participates in 18 NCAA Division I .  Join the and get involved in the excitement that is СӰԺ sports!

Are you looking for opportunities to learn outside the traditional classroom setting? СӰԺ offers study abroad programs through many academic disciplines, service learning initiatives through the Residential Colleges and the СӰԺ is designed to take an interdisciplinary approach to learning through small classes taught in seminar format.

And this is just a glimpse of what СӰԺ has to offer! Which leaves us thinking…Why NOT СӰԺ!