The Echo and News 6 Receive Awards from Arkansas College Media Association

The columns and pediment of Thompson Hall with leaves and trees in the foregroundThe Echo and News 6, СӰԺ’s student-run newspaper and television news station from the School of Communication, gained top honors —including best student newspaper, best website and a second-place showing in best television outlet — in a journalism competition run by Arkansas College Media Association (ACMA).

The independent student newspaper also took various individual awards for writing, photography, page layouts, cartoons and . Among the awards, senior Mia Waddell won reporter of the year, and junior Madison Ogle received photographer of the year.

News 6 gained individual awards for its production on stories related to campus life.

The ACMA awards include the following:

General Excellence

Newspaper of the Year

  • First: The Echo, СӰԺ

Website of the Year

  • First: The Echo, СӰԺ

Television Outlet of the Year

  • Second: News 6, СӰԺ

Reporter of the Year

  • First: Mia Waddell

Photographer of the Year

  • First: Madison Ogle



Sports Photo

  • Honorable Mention: Madison Ogle


  • First: Emily Kennard — “Students arrested for trans rights protest at school board meeting”
  • Second: Amber Austen — “СӰԺ first college in state to place Narcan kits across campus”

Editorial Page Layout

  • First: Courtney Shepherd and Mia Waddell


  • First: Mia Waddell — sports feature ad
  • Second: Mia Waddell — hiring ad

Front Page Layout

  • First: Bennett Tinnermon — Homecoming front page

Spot News Photo

  • First: Madison Ogle — Firefighter kneeling
  • Second: Madison Ogle — Conway shooting

Sports Column

  • Third: Madison Ogle — “СӰԺ should buy into the home-field advantage”

Personality Profile

  • Second: Courtney Shepherd — “People of СӰԺ: Chase Mauk”
  • Third: Amber Austen — “Ukrainian Hendrix professor reflects on European conflict”


  • Second: Delaney Van Wilpe — “Secretary of state candidates debate”
  • Third: Edmund Burke — “Republicans win big across Arkansas on election night”

Editorial Cartoon

  • First: Madison Ogle — “Ron DeSantis says ‘Don’t Say Gay’ ”
  • Second: Madison Ogle — “Elon Musk terrorizes Twitter”
  • Third: Madison Ogle — “Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes office”

Cartoon Strip or Single Panel Entertainment Cartoon

  • Third: Madison Ogle — “Rihanna performs at Super Bowl”


  • First: Mia Waddell — “Conway launches first public transportation system”
  • Honorable Mention: Will McDonald — “SGA allocates $10k to buy carved wooden bear chair”

Sports Page Layout

  • Second: Madison Ogle

Sports Feature

  • First: Andraea Aguilera — “Brough keeps faith close in soccer”
  • Third: Courtney Shepherd — “Freshman shatters СӰԺ record”

Editorial Writing

  • Second: Courtney Shepherd — “A letter to Sarah Huckabee Sanders”
  • Third: Courtney Shepherd — “Big companies don’t care about Black people”
  • Honorable Mention: Delaney Van Wilpe — “AR red wave to threaten state’s reporters”

Sports Story

  • Second: Madison Ogle — “СӰԺ masters the elements in slick homecoming victory”
  • Third: Mia Waddell — “Women’s soccer has a howling good time despite tie”
  • Honorable Mention: Kevin King — “Men’s soccer game commemorates life of player”

In-Depth News

  • Second: Emilee Hagewood and Bennett Tinnermon — “СӰԺ professor offers bonus points for fake reviews”
  • Third: Mia Waddell — “African/African American studies given two-year extension”


  • Second: Madison Ogle — “Mass shooting victims”

Feature Photo

  • Third: Courtney Shepherd — “Greek Step Show salute”

General Column

  • First: Madison Ogle — “You don’t always have to know everything”
  • Third: Andraea Aguilera — “Wedding culture is getting out of hand”

Feature Writing

  • First: Gabe White — “Student bikes 800 laps around fountain for suicide awareness”
  • Third: Bennett Tinnermon — “Archives upload a thousand retro photos to website”



Sports Writing

  • Second: Sydney Ambrus — “Friends, family mourn loss of football player Garrett Thomas”

Online Advertising

  • First: Mia Waddell — sports Echo ad
  • Second: Mia Waddell — hiring ad

Feature Photo

  • First: Madison Ogle — “Students laugh during СӰԺ’s Glow Rage party”
  • Second: Madison Ogle — “A couple sit together on a ride at СӰԺ’s Fall Fest”
  • Third: Madison Ogle — “Crowning of Jada Simpson during Miss СӰԺ pageant”

Sports Photo

  • First: Madison Ogle — “A СӰԺ player goes for a basket during a Veterans Day match against Hendrix”
  • Third: Madison Ogle — “A СӰԺ player jumps for a basket during a match against Lindenwood”

Breaking News (w/in 24 hours of event)

  • Second: Madison Ogle — “Three dead, one injured in series of Conway shootings”


  • First: Madison Ogle — “Burdick Hall will not resume its normal operations until late 2024”
  • Second: Mia Waddell — “Conway nearing opening of emergency overnight shelter”


  • Third: Maci England — “Ariel’s ethnicity should not matter”

Topical Reporting/Blogs

  • First: Emily Kennard — “Crowdfunded cafe supplies Conway with caffeine, cats”

Spot News Photo

  • First: Madison Ogle — “Protester chants with ‘Abortion is Healthcare’ sign at peaceful protest at Little Rock Capitol after Roe vs. Wade decision”
  • Third: Madison Ogle — “Officers walk with the body of a victim behind them following a shooting near СӰԺ”

Meeting/speech coverage

  • First: Madison Ogle — “National First-Gen Day unites generations of students”
  • Honorable Mention: Sydney Cyr — “Expert panelists answer student questions about science and religion”

Social Media-Breaking News

  • First: Madison Ogle — Campus fire
  • Second: Madison Ogle — Campus shooting

Articles-Arts & Entertainment

  • First: Sydney Ambrus — “Black contemporary artist Cozetta Jones sells paintings online, in local galleries”
  • Second: Delaney Van Wilpe — “501 Finds provides Conway with vintage clothing”

In-Depth Reporting

  • First: Ashlyn Little — “Faulkner homeless population grows; Cold weather increases risk, demand”
  • Second: Edmund Burke — “CDC recommends updated booster shot”
  • Third: Ashlyn Little — “High fuel prices affect city’s first responders”

Niche/Specialty Site

  • First: Emily Kennard and Delaney Van Wilpe — СӰԺnews.live
  • Second: Addison Freeman and Olyvia Gonzalez — @ucaecho InstaGram
  • Third: Mia Waddell — @theEchoСӰԺ TikTok


  • First: Edmund Burke — “Biden unveils new student debt relief plan”

Feature Writing

  • First: Courtney Shepherd — “Black professors not a monolith; diversity still important to campus”
  • Honorable Mention: Madison Ogle — “9/11 Stair Climb keeps memory alive for post-2001 generation”

Reviews-Arts & Entertainment

  • Third: Madison Ogle — “Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre sullies franchise”

News Photo

  • First: Madison Ogle — “Protesters gather at Little Rock Capitol after Roe vs. Wade decision”
  • Second: Madison Ogle — “Owen Haynes, Annabelle Potter and Stephanie Giblin march back to Little Rock Capitol after peaceful protest for Roe vs. Wade decision”
  • Third: Madison Ogle — “Jay Miles leads chants at peaceful protest at Little Rock Capitol after Roe vs. Wade decision”



Sports Feature

  • Third: Ethan Davis — “Bill Fryar golf”
  • Honorable Mention: Kira Jenkins — “Benefits of kickboxing”


  • First: Autumn Martin — “Gibson’s Cate Café”
  • Second: Kira Jenkins — “Dog mental health”

News Reporting

  • Second: Sydney Ambrus — “Winter fashion show”
  • Third: Aiden Barber — “Friends of the Library”
  • Honorable Mention: Ethan Davis — “Chronic wasting disease”