My СӰԺ Story: Journey with Honors

A freshman honors student infuses her academic journey with exploring new ideas in the Honors College. Name: Perla Zapata Hometown: De Queen, Arkansas Year: Freshman What СӰԺ organizations have you joined?     University Scholars Program Why did you choose the СӰԺ? I chose СӰԺ because of the University Scholars program from the Honors College. I … [Read more...]

My СӰԺ Story: Gaining Strength, Building Rapport

Name: Gary Merriweather Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas Area of Study: Physical Therapy, doctoral student What СӰԺ organizations have you joined? Minorities Mentoring in Health Care   Why did you choose the СӰԺ? I came to СӰԺ because the physical therapy program is top in the nation. I immediately liked the campus as an undergrad, and thought … [Read more...]

My СӰԺ Story: Building a Career to Champion Wellness

Name: Noah Bandy Hometown: Pocahontas, Arkansas Major/Year: Graduate student, Health Promotion; Class of 2020, Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science Why did you choose СӰԺ? I chose СӰԺ because I attended many of the summer camps that the campus hosted, and I enjoyed the nature and beauty that the campus offered. The central location was a bonus, as I was never too far from … [Read more...]

My СӰԺ Story: A Passion for Pediatrics

A biology major looks to a future of practicing medicine as a physician assistant. Name: Hannah Roberson Hometown: Mt. Vernon, Arkansas Major/Year: Biology major, Junior What СӰԺ organizations have you joined? Alpha Sigma Alpha Baptist Colligate Ministry Biology Club Food Recovery Network Pre-PA Club Why did you choose the University of Central … [Read more...]

My СӰԺ Story: Making an Impact in Health Care

A nursing major rises to be a leader on campus and looks toward the health care field Name: Davonne Moore Hometown: Crossett, Arkansas Major/Year: Nursing major, Senior What СӰԺ organizations have you joined? Student Government Association President Leadership Fellows Minority Mentorship Program Student Orientation Staff Nursing Student Association Black Male … [Read more...]