My СӰԺ Story: Building a Career to Champion Wellness

Noah Bandy rides on a bicycleName: Noah Bandy

Hometown: Pocahontas, Arkansas

Major/Year: Graduate student, Health Promotion; Class of 2020, Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science

Why did you choose СӰԺ?

I chose СӰԺ because I attended many of the summer camps that the campus hosted, and I enjoyed the nature and beauty that the campus offered. The central location was a bonus, as I was never too far from friends and family.

What drew you to your major?

Exercise was a hobby of mine at the time, and I was curious to learn more about it. I figured that I would enjoy my classes more if I was learning about something I was passionate about.

You are an avid bicyclist. Tell us about that.

I was drawn to biking during my sophomore year as a way to stay active, explore nature and feed my competitive spirit. I have found such a strong community with cycling here in Conway that has kept me riding. I was also given the opportunity to race bikes on a local team, Blue Sail Coffee Cycling, which has allowed me to stay competitive. Conway offers some amazing places to ride. You can hit the quiet roads around the new airport on Lollie Road and Round Mountain, or hit one of the many local mountain bike trails. No matter where I chose to ride, I can always expect an enjoyable experience.

What’s your favorite things to do or places to visit on campus?

I actually enjoy spending time in the library. The atmosphere of people studying and working together on assignments really motivates me to practice good study habits and learn.

What’s the best class that you’ve ever taken?

Exercise physiology. This class paved the way to how involved exercise can be. We learned how exercise is not just about big muscles, but instead how it can enhance so many different aspects of our health and wellness. My professor, Dr. Thomas Lowder, taught this course in such a way that made it exciting and interactive.

What’s a favorite experience you’ve had at СӰԺ?

My favorite experience at СӰԺ was working at the HPER. This was a part-time job that allowed me to get my foot in the door of the fitness world and build relationships with other students and faculty.

What are the goals that you want to accomplish at СӰԺ?

My current goal is to finish my Master of Science in Health Promotion to further my career in the health and fitness industry.