My СӰԺ Story: Making an Impact in Health Care

A nursing major rises to be a leader on campus and looks toward the health care field
Davonne Moore stands in front of the Integrated Health Sciences Building

Davonne Moore at the Integrated Health Sciences Building

Name: Davonne Moore

Hometown: Crossett, Arkansas

Major/Year: Nursing major, Senior

What СӰԺ organizations have you joined?

  • Student Government Association
  • President Leadership Fellows
  • Minority Mentorship Program
  • Student Orientation Staff
  • Nursing Student Association
  • Black Male Achievement Challenge

Why did you choose the СӰԺ? I loved the atmosphere during my first tour of the campus. Everyone looked so excited to be a СӰԺ Bear, and I wanted that same feeling.

What drew you to nursing? СӰԺ’s nursing program is one of the best in Arkansas. This program drew me to СӰԺ because of the prestigious reputation and advanced technology. I am so grateful I chose this major because СӰԺ’s nursing program is everything I thought it would be and more. Nursing has always been a career that interested me since I was a child. Being able to be there for someone and care for them at one of their most vulnerable points of life takes a strong individual. Nursing embodies the values of integrity, intellectual humility and ethics. These all are important to me and geared my focus towards nursing as I entered СӰԺ.

What’s been your favorite class that you’ve taken so far? The best class I’ve ever taken is human anatomy and physiology with Dr. Mike Martin. He is one of the best professors СӰԺ has by far.

What are your hobbies? My favorite things to do include hiking and watching TV in my spare time.

What’s a favorite experience you’ve had at СӰԺ? My favorite experience at СӰԺ is my entire freshman year. This is because everything was so new and so interesting to me. I honestly feel that it was the best year of college I’ve had so far because СӰԺ has so many new and fresh experiences for freshmen to be a part of.

What goals do you want to accomplish at СӰԺ? My goal is to become a role model for younger students. Role models on campus gives hope to other students that one day they’ll be able to become leaders and inspire others.