СӰԺ Online FAQs

Why should I pursue my online education through СӰԺ?

There are several advantages of pursuing your education online.  Online education allows you to earn a recognized degree from a well-respected university without the traditional constraints of time and location experienced by on campus students. Additionally, some other factors to consider include:

The academic standards required for our online programs and courses are the same as those for our on-campus equivalents. as one of the Best Regional Universities (South) by U.S. News & World Report (2015).

Student Support
СӰԺ Online embraces a STUDENTS FIRST approach for all student support and services. You will have direct contact with our Program Coordinators to ensure your support needs are met.

СӰԺ Online provides you a world-class education with unparalleled value. СӰԺ is ranked as one of the most affordable four-year universities in America by (April 2015).

Are СӰԺ’s online degree programs accredited?

Yes! СӰԺ and/or its educational programs are accredited by several higher education bodies including the (HLC), the (AACSB), the (CAEP -formerly NCATE), and many more. For a complete listing and statement on СӰԺ accreditation, please visit our Accreditation page.

What will my diploma read if I complete an online degree program?

Your diploma will read СӰԺ — just as any other СӰԺ student. It will bear the same degree name as do the diplomas of students who attend classes on-campus. We make no differentiation between online and on-campus students in terms of diploma, transcripts, etc.

What is an online course?

Every course offered at СӰԺ is designed to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities appropriate to a specific course and body of knowledge. However, online courses at СӰԺ offer you the flexibility of tackling a college education on your own terms. By working in the online format, you can go to class anytime and anywhere you have access to a computer and an Internet connection. In fact, through СӰԺ’s partnership with (the industry leader in online learning technology), you can use any Internet connected device to access your courses!

What are my responsibilities as an online student?

As an online student at СӰԺ, you are responsible for the following:

  • Be an active participant in class. You should access your online course at least 3 to 4 times per week in order to keep up with assignments, readings, and activities.
  • Be certain to keep up with due dates and important events in your classes. Consider creating a personal calendar that outlines these dates and keep it with you on your smartphone or a personal organizer.
  • Be respectful to your instructors and other online students. Follow proper netiquette for in the online environment and in communications via email and other electronic formats.
  • Be prepared for technology failures. Create a backup plan for what to do if your computer crashes or your Internet connection fails. As an online students, you have the responsibility to keep up with your coursework even during times of technology failures.
  • Be proactive. If you experience personal problems, work issues, family troubles, or anything else that may impact your performance in your online courses, contact your instructor and/or your Program Coordinator immediately.

Are online classes comparable in quality to on-campus classes?

Absolutely! All СӰԺ online courses must meet the same high standards as our traditional on-campus courses. Although your work will be done from a distance, the activities, readings, tests, etc. will be very comparable to the same courses offered on our campus. Your transcript will not make any differentiation between on-campus and online courses.

Can I work at my own pace in an online course?

To some degree, yes. However, online courses are not designed to be completely self-paced and they are not correspondence courses. The courses may follow different terms (8-weeks vs 16-weeks) than our on-campus courses, but there are deadlines built into every course. However, these deadlines are made very clear to students in the syllabus of each course.

What do I do if I need help while I’m taking an online class?

Your best course of action is for you to contact your instructor first. If you are having technical problems with Blackboard, there are several support options:

  • You can check the  for information regarding your problem.
  • You can call the IT Help Desk at 501-450-3107.
  • You can view .
  • You can submit a ticket directly to the .

The Online Essentials section contains information about technology needed to participate in online classes at СӰԺ Online. Additionally, you will also find up-to-date information regarding technical support and university policies and procedures. Please read this page carefully especially if this is your first online class.

Am I required to submit immunization records?

No, students in a completely online program are not required to submit immunization records. According to the , students who receive their education by correspondence (distance education) and do not attend any classes or required activities on campus are not required to receive the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine.

For more information on immunization record requirements, please visit our Student Health Services page.

What are the procedures to lodging an Online Learning Complaint?

While we fully expect that your experience with СӰԺ Online will be a great one, we also understand that from time to time problems arise. СӰԺ works with all students to resolve their issues as quickly as possible. However, should the need arise for your to file a complaint or grievance, please see our Complaint Resolution page for more information.

What are the technology requirements for participating in a СӰԺ Online degree program?

Online degree students need to have access to a reliable computer, either Mac or PC, and access to a reliable Internet connection. Please see our Technology Requirements page for more information.