Strategic Plan Refresh, 2019-2020

This document, formerly a request for campus comment on a first full draft of what has now been adopted as the СӰԺ Strategic Plan, 2022–2026, gives a sense of the purpose of the “refresh” and the conditions under which it was accomplished. The document has been left largely unchanged since its creation and updating during the Strategic Plan Refresh. The draft of the strategic plan that originally followed §1 has been removed as no longer relevant, but the organizational documents of the committee remain linked.

[1] Request for Campus Review and Response

In October 2019, President Davis charged the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) with refreshing the goals of СӰԺ’s strategic plan by (1) updating Goals 1 and 2 and (2) replacing the current Goals 3 and 4 with a single Goal 3 that articulates a way forward for the university in tackling the grand challenges that will impact our students, the region, and the communities we serve. The committee has prepared draft goals and presents them in § 2 below, in some cases with annotations. The committee’s charge stipulates that СӰԺ’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values remain unchanged by the 2019–2020 Strategic Plan Refresh.

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) requests from the СӰԺ community review of and responses to these proposed strategic goals.

Note, Fall 2020: Rebooting the Refresh

As it did to so many other projects and expectations, the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the Strategic Plan Refresh, 2019–2020: not surprisingly, it turned campus attention away from the initial draft prepared by the SPC for review and feedback, and it disrupted our expectation of presenting a final document to the Board of Trustees at the May 2020 meeting of the Board.

For this reason, and with the encouragement of President Davis and Provost Poulter, we are coming back to the СӰԺ community to ask for another look at our initial draft (with only a tweak or two based on the scant feedback received in the spring review). Bearing in mind that the committee will review all feedback received and, as appropriate, incorporate campus insights into a final document, please take a first look, if you have not seen these documents, or another look, if you have seen them before. Your feedback will be of real importance to the committee as it moves forward.

Background Documents

To review the current Strategic Plan see the first link on this page: . [This link now points to the plan adopted by the Board of Trustees in May 2021. The same page, however, includes links to an archive of earlier strategic plans and other documents.]

To view the SPC’s original timeline and organization for the Strategic Plan Refresh, see 2019–2020 Timeline and Organization; for the updated timeline, see 2019-2020 Timeline V3; and for minutes of SPC meetings during this process, see this page in the SPARC web site.