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The collected material included in and linked from this page represents the early development of СӰԺ’s current strategic planning processes, culminating in the approval and adoption by the Board of Trustees of the СӰԺ Strategic Plan in May 2011. Original URLs are indicated in each section; omissions are indicated by bracketed ellipsis marks, with explanation ([…, explanation]).

About the СӰԺ Strategic Plan

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In Spring 2010, СӰԺ began the process of developing a long-term strategic plan to guide the university over the next five years. Under the leadership of Dr. Michael Schaefer and with the guidance of consultant Dr. David McFarland, the Strategic Planning and Resource Council and its associated task forces drafted the following documents:

  • Planning Assumptions,
  • Driving Forces,
  • Institutional Distinctiveness,
  • Vision, Mission,
  • and Core Values.

Six strategic goals were developed by the entire university community in Fall 2010. During the following months, meetings and forums were held to develop specific initiatives aimed at advancing the strategic goals. By May 2011, the complete Strategic Plan had been approved by the entire university community and the СӰԺ Board of Trustees.

To ensure ongoing monitoring, review, and revision of the strategic plan, the Strategic Planning and Resource Council (SPARC) was restructured in April 2012 to create a SPARC Executive Committee, a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and a Strategic Budgeting Advisory Committee (SBAC) with a single Chair serving all three committees. This structure was designed to provide stronger integration between the budget and the strategic plan with a resultant increased emphasis on accomplishment of the strategic goals of the university.

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Strategic Planning and Resource Council

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Michael Schaefer, Chair

Allen Meadors, СӰԺ President
Bobby Reynolds, Member of the Board of Trustees
Carl Frederickson, Logistics Coordinator (non-voting)
Venita Jenkins, Communications Coordinator (non-voting)
Carol Daves, Recording Secretary (non-voting)
John Parrack, Faculty Senate
Lynn Burley, Faculty Senate
Clay Arnold, Faculty, College of Liberal Arts
Tammy Benson, Faculty, College of Education
Patrick Desrochers, Faculty, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Art Gillaspy, Faculty, College of Health & Behavioral Sciences
Victor Puleo, Faculty, College of Business
Bruce Hutchi[n]son, Faculty, College of Fine Arts & Communication
Jimmy Bryant, Faculty, Library (Representing Unaffiliated Faculty)
Larry Burns, Staff, Professional
Dan Gortney, Staff, Physical Plant – Grounds
Gary Roberts, Dean of Students
Larry James, Chief of Police
Lance Grahn, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
Brad Teague, Athletic Director
Shelley Mehl, VP Advancement
Diane Newton, VP Finance & Administration
Ronnie Williams, VP Student Services
Jeff Pitchford, VP University & Government Relations
Neil Hattlestad, Dean, College of Health & Behavioral Sciences
Meghan Thompson, Student Government Association President
Caitlin Fitch, Student, Association of Future Alumni
James Hopper, Graduate Student
Bob McCormack, Conway Community Leader
Brad Lacy, Conway Community Leader
Janet Wilson, New Faculty Senate President
Dianna Winters, New Staff Senate President
Austin Hall, New Student Government President

Strategic Planning Task Forces

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Core Ideas (Mission, Vision, Values)

Brad Teague, Co-Chair
Tammy Benson, Co-Chair
Larry James, At-Large
Bill Lammers, Faculty
Jennifer Deering, Faculty
Judy Corcoran, Staff

Planning Assumptions

Lance Grahn, Co-Chair
Art Gil[l]aspy, Co-Chair
Gary Roberts, At-Large
Kim Hoffman, Faculty
Rahul Mehta, Faculty
Lindsay Grifford, Staff

Institutional Distinctiveness

Shelley Mehl, Co-Chair
Jimmy Bryant, Co-Chair
Rollin Potter, At-Large
Kevin Browne, Faculty
David Kim, Faculty
Cheryl Lyons, Staff

Driving Forces

Diane Newton, Co-Chair
Pat Desrochers, Co-Chair
Timothy Atkinson, At-Large
Patrick Carmack, Faculty
Lisa Christman, Faculty
Marvin Williams, Staff

Past Meetings and Notes

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February 16-17, 2010
PowerPoint (PDF format): What is Strategic Planning?
PowerPoint (PDF format): СӰԺ Strategic Planning
Meeting Notes

SPARC & Task Forces meeting, Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Meeting Notes

Stra[t]egic Plan
April 12 DRAFT

Town Hall Meeting, April 15

SPARC & Task Forces meeting, Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SPARC & Task Forces meeting, Friday, September 17, 2010

Town Hall Meetings, September 22-23, 2010
College-Specific Meetings, Fall 2010

College of Business
Monday, October 4

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Monday, October 11

College of Education
Wednesday, October 13

College of Liberal Arts
Monday, October 18

College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Monday, October 25

College of Fine Arts and Communication
Tuesday, October 26

Archived Files

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Below are archived files related to СӰԺ’s Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Approved by СӰԺ Board of Trustees, May 6, 2011

Strategic Planning Initiatives

College of Business Initiative
College of Education Initiative
College of Fine Arts and Communication Initiative
College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Initiative
College of Liberal Arts Initiative
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Initiative
Finance and Administration Initiative
Executive Staff Initiative
Athletics and Institutional Development Initiative
University College, Learning Communities, Library Initiative
Honors College Initiative


Campus-Wide Forum on Strategic Initiatives

Initiatives from November 22 Discussion (updated 11/23/2010)

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