Student Forms


We strongly encourage all students to complete the Release of Information document if they want to allow parents, spouses or other parties to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss the financial aid application of the student.

Release of Information


Please note using this upload tool will require you to sign into a gmail account. Students may use their СӰԺ Cub account.

The СӰԺ Financial Aid Office offers a Google secure document upload tool.  Current and prospective students may use this to upload required documentation.

Please note the upload tool will require you to sign into a gmail account. Students may use their СӰԺ Cub account.


The Financial Aid Office collects data electronically and stores it in a secure data management system. For security precautions, СӰԺ recommends that you do not email documents to our office that contain social security numbers or other personally identifiable information. This upload tool will allow you to upload documents you are required to submit to our office in a secure fashion, particularly documents such as tax transcripts that contain personally identifiable information. The privacy and safety of your data is extremely important to us.

All upload documents must include:

  • The student’s name and СӰԺ ID number on each page of the document.
  • Complete information (please review the form’s instructions carefully to ensure that all fields are complete).

Upload instructions:

  • You may submit more than one document at a time. The document size limit is 24 MB.
  • Make sure to follow the “All documents must include” instructions above.
  • Either drag and drop the file into the Box below or click “Select Files” to choose the name of the file you wish to upload.
  • IMPORTANT: The Student’s Name, СӰԺ ID Number, and Email are REQUIRED for submitting documents.
  • After submitting a file, you should see a screen that says, “Success! Your file has been uploaded.” This confirms that we have received your document. There is no need to contact our office to confirm receipt.


Please note that our official means of communication is through the student’s СӰԺ email account.  The student may access the status of their financial aid application and award information through the СӰԺ self service portal .

For instructions and information to sign up for direct deposit of your excess aid, should you have it, please visit /studentaccounts/excess-aid/direct-deposit/