Parent Resources

If you are the parent of high school or current college student, you probably havequestions. СӰԺ’s Family Network may be just what you need. Access the СӰԺ Family Network at: /families/.

We know that you havequestions about the cost of college and options to pay for tuition and fees and on campus room and meals. Below you will find information relative to the most commonlyasked questions we receive from parents. In addition, to the other information provided elsewhere on the Financial Aid web page, this page is designed specifically for parents.


Q: What if we have questions:

A: If you have questions, please know that staff are available to assist you. Students and families do not need an appointment to speak with or meet with a staff member. There is one catch. In order for staff to speak with a parent/family member about the student’s application, the student must sign and submit a Release of Information form, giving permission.

Visit us in Harrin Hall, Suite 200:
Office Hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday
Contact us by email atfinaid@uca.eduor phone us at (501) 450-3140


Q: How do I know what the cost will be for my student to attend college?

A: This is an important question and we have made it easy for you to get an estimate prior to being admitted or enrolling in classes. Access the College Costs tab at the top of this page to get an estimate using either the Student Accounts Tuition and Fee Calculator or the Net Price Calculator.


Q: Is there a deadline for applying for federal financial aid?

A: Federal Financial Aid Timeline: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all requested documentation should be submitted to the СӰԺ Office of Student Financial Aid as soon as possible to ensure timely processing. The sooner you submit the required documentation, the sooner your eligibility may be determined and you will be able to finalize your personal budget for college expenses.

Financial Aid Timeline
12/14/2023Spring 2024 Incoming Transfer Academic Scholarship Deadline
01/2024Students may begin completing the
01/18/2024Spring 2024 Financial Aid Appeal deadline
01/23/2024Entering Freshman Distinguished and Achievement Academic Scholarship Deadline

СӰԺ Foundation Scholarship application deadline

Schedler Honors College application deadline
05/01/2024Entering Freshman University and Future Leaders Academic Scholarship Deadline
06/14/2024Fall 2023 Incoming Transfer Academic Scholarship Deadline
08/01/2024Fall Financial Aid Appeal deadline
10/01/2024The opens for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship and Governor's Distinguished Scholarship

11/01/2024СӰԺ Foundation Scholarship application opens

Schedler Honors College application opens
11/06/2024СӰԺ Academic Scholarship Notification begins on a rolling basis
СӰԺ Final DeadlineNo later than two weeks prior to the end of the term for which the student is applying. This assumes the student will remain enrolled and attending at least half time for the entire term.
Final Federal DeadlineThe federal deadline for completing the FAFSA for the 2023-2024 school year is is June 30, 2024 and the federal deadline for completing the FAFSA for the 2024-2025 school year is is June 30, 2025.


Q: I was told our file was selected for verification. What does that mean?

A: When a student completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) the federal government randomly selects applications for a process called verification. Some students never have their application selected and some student applications are selected each year. If selected, the federal government tells the school which items must be verified. If selected, we will post the requirements on the student’s myСӰԺ self-service account an email the student. Once documentation is received from the student/family, staff will review the information provided to determine if any additional information/documentation is required. Once the verification process is complete, staff will make any necessary corrections and resubmit the application to the federal processor for recalculation of eligibility.

More about Verification


Q: What is a PLUS loan?

A: A PLUS loan is a Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students. A PLUS loan is a loan a parent may borrow in their own name that provides funds to help pay the student’s college expenses.


Q: How do I apply for a PLUS loan?

A: Follow the steps below to apply for a PLUS loan:

* Notice*The student must have a completed on file with СӰԺ listed as the school in order for the parent to take out a PLUS loan. (СӰԺ’s school code is 001092)

  1. Theparent borrower must be the biological or adoptive parent. Astepparent may borrow a PLUS loan if their income is included on the FAFSA. The parent will need their own login information on so the parent will need to and FSA ID password. The FSA ID and password can be used to electronically sign the FAFSA as the parent. It is also used to complete the parent Plus loan application. [Do not use the student’s FSA ID login]
  2. The parent should navigate to the Apply for Aid tab at the top of the page on once the FSA ID has been created and logged in,then select Apply for a Parent PLUS Loan from the list of options. On the next screen, click “Start” (blue box) to begin the Parent Plus Loan application process.
  3. Answer all questions on the application. Please see the tips below:
    • Select the academic year for which you are applying. For example, the 20/21 academic year begins with the Fall 2020 term.
    • You have the option of authorizing the funds to be used for other charges, like text books. This is a good idea if the student does not have funds to purchase their books on their own.
    • You will need to select the СӰԺ as the school the student plans to attend.
    • You will be able to select the loan amount. Remember to take into consideration that this loan amount is for the whole academic year. If you choose the option to apply for the maximum amount, please contact the Financial Aid office to confirm the loan amount.
  4. Once the application is complete, select SUBMIT to complete the process.
  5. Complete the . The MPN is a legal document in which you promise to repay your loan(s) and any accrued interest and fees to the U.S. Department of Education.


Q: I got an email about an online Dynamic Form. What is this?

A: СӰԺ is now using an online program called Dynamic Forms for most of our Financial Aid forms. Forms that require parent input and signatures will be emailed to you. You will need to create a Dynamic Forms account if you do not have one. This will allow you to securely fill out and sign forms without having to print them, physically sign them and return forms to us. If you have questions about our Online Dynamic Forms, click here to find more helpful information.