Awarding/Packaging Process

Awarding/Packaging refers to the process of determining the type and amount of financial assistance the student is eligible to receive from one or more sources.  This is a general description of that process.


Disbursement of Financial Aid

Financial Aid is coordinated by the Office of Student Financial Aid but it is disbursed by the Student Accounts Office.  Once the student’s charges are paid in full for the term, any excess aid is disbursed to the student.


Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal regulations require you to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of the degree or certificate program you are seeking.  Your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is reviewed at the end of each term. When your academic performance does not meet the requirements of this policy, you will become ineligible to receive federal financial aid.


Special/Unusual Circumstances

Federal financial aid is based on definitions and formulas determined by federal law. Under this law, financial aid administrators have been given the authority through “Professional Judgment” to take some specific circumstances into account and make changes that will impact a student’s official Expected Family Contribution (EFC). СӰԺ has adopted a policy that allows special circumstances to be considered with appropriate documentation.

Circumstances that will be considered are:

  • death or a parent or spouse
  • divorce/separation of a parent or spouse
  • parent loss of a job (dependent student’s only)
  • loss of untaxed income benefits
  • natural disaster that impacted family financial resources

Special/Unusual Circumstance Application for a Dependent Student

Special/Unusual Circumstance Application for an Independent Student

Please note that a request for consideration of a special/unusual circumstance does not guarantee approval.  In addition, even if approved, a recalculation does not always result in increased eligibility for the student.


Study Abroad and Financial Assistance

СӰԺ encourages students to participate in study abroad and study away programs. The University provides many opportunities for students to earn college credit for study abroad or study away. See our Study Abroad and Study Away Financial Assistance guide for more information.



The Federal Government randomly chooses some FAFSA applications for a process called Verification. This means there is certain information on the FAFSA we are now required to verify. This process requires additional information to be provided to our office. To find out more information about what Verification means, click here.


Withdrawing from School:Federal Return of Title IV Funds

When eligibility for federal financial aid is calculated, it is assumed you will remain enrolled and attending classes for the entire term. If you withdraw from a term we must recalculate your eligibility for the aid you received based on the amount of time you remained enrolled and attending.  Unearned federal aid funds, other than work-study, must be returned to the federal government and this may cause you to owe a repayment back to the federal government and СӰԺ.

2023-2024 Federal Return to Title IV Funds Policy

Summer 2024 Federal Return to Title IV Funds Policy