AAGE / CAAP Reports

СӰԺ Student Performance on the AAGE/CAAP: An Archive, 1995–2007

In accordance with a change in Arkansas law (Act 274 of 2007), СӰԺ used the AAGE/CAAP through the 2006–2007 academic year. The comparisons in the section Scores Over Time, then, do not go beyond the 2006–2007 academic year. For current practice in assessing the СӰԺ Core, see the СӰԺ Core Assessment page.

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Annual Score Summaries

Annual score summaries and graphs, most recent reports listed first

AY 2006–2007

AY 2005–2006

AY 2004–2005

AY 2003–2004

AY 2002–2003

Scores Over Time

Summaries of scores over several years, most recent reports listed first

These summaries represent available academic-year statistics for all test administrations, divided into two groups: (1) 1995–April 2002 (summarized by calendar year) and (2) AY 2002–AY 2007 (summarized by academic year). Beginning with AY 2002–2003, a Critical Thinking module replaced the Reading module used from 1995 through April 2002.

Academic Years 2002–2003 through 2006–2007

Calendar Years 1995–April 2002